7 Skin Care Mistakes That Age You

We all make mistakes. And some of those are probably related to your anti aging regimen. When it comes to create the most effective routine, remember to work smart, not hard. Make things easy on yourself and avoid these 8 skin care mistakes that age you. Change your habits and get your complexion right on track!

Mistake #1: Being Inconsistent

Do you ditch that new skin care product after a week of no results? Wear sunscreen one day and skip it the next? It’s time to get your act together. Most clinical products need 6 to 8 weeks to show results. If you’re throwing out the bottle after 2 weeks, you may be missing out on big changes. Likewise, applying the items inconsistently is one of the skin care mistakes that age you. Using the item 50% of the time almost guarantees you’ll get half the benefits and results.

Mistake #2: Piling on the Products

Don’t fall prey to skin care mistakes that age you like being a slave to products! Truly, you don’t need a skin care army to fight wrinkles. A few potent products will do. In fact, be wary of any brand that tries to hook you on an expensive, complicated regimen. A quality moisturizer paired with effective cleanser and sunscreen are your must have items. Too many products can cause breakouts and hinder the effectiveness of the ingredients.

Mistake #3: Sleeping with Makeup On

You’ve heard it before but it bears repeating. Sleeping in your makeup is definitely one of the skin care mistakes that age you. First, it offers dirt, oil and bacteria a breeding ground while you sleep. Secondly, it prevents your night creams from full absorbing into your pores. Your skin repairs damage and takes in nutrients from products during your beauty rest. Don’t get makeup get in the way of this important process.

Mistake #4: Eating a Mainly Processed Diet

A few snacks and chips won’t ruin your skin. But a daily diet loaded with dye, chemicals and additives can make you age and fast. The excess sugar in many of these foods increasing inflammation. Inflammation means weakener cells and damage from free radicals. Stick to a plant-based diet. When in doubt, if you can’t pronounce the ingredient list, don’t eat it.

Mistake #5: Skimping on Sunscreen for Your Neck and Chest

Hopefully, you’re committed to wearing SPF 30 or higher on your face everyday. But what about your neck and chest? These two areas occur sun damage too. Excessive sun exposure can lead to wrinkles, loose skin and discoloration. Don’t let this skin foil your youthful look. Slather on sun protection here as well and cover up while outdoors.

Mistake #6: Being Chained to Cigarettes

Cigarette smoke reduces the blood flow in your skin, making it difficult for nutrients to pump through your blood stream. It’s speeds up the aging process. Frequent smoking also creates those marionette lines around your lips. Talk to your doctor about tips to quit smoking. You should notice a glowing complexion in just a few weeks time.

Mistake #7: Avoiding Antioxidants

Take a look at your plate. If it’s lacking in bright, natural colors (no, fluorescent cheese puff orange doesn’t count), you’re probably not getting enough antioxidants. Choose the ripest, brightest fruits and vegetables you can find. You’ll get a good variety of antioxidants. These guys are so crucial because they prevent and repair damage caused by free radicals.

The celebrity who seems to never make a skin care mistake? Halle Berry! Get her anti aging tips for a crystal clear complexion.